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Bringing Value to  Lenders and Dealers!

Any Lender can utilize the Lendsys, LLC and Lendgistics, LLC  platform since it is designed as a web-access based program.

The Lendgistics, LLC Platform provides:

  • Increase loan volume approving only the loans you want, because you create your own individual criteria
  • Interface with RouteOne and DealerTrack  provides maximum exposure and access to loan applications
  •  Eliminate exceptions from your indirect and direct loan portfolio
  •  Create complete and absolute consistency with every loan approval and funding
  •  Capture existing customer/member loans

Lenders can completely customize their automated loan decisions from over 100 separate loan application and credit report data points to create literally thousands of loan decisioning and pricing combinations - In other words, lenders can either replicate or build a custom decisioning, pricing scorecard on the system! As an aggregator service we provide lenders application flow and opportunities to decision loans they would otherwise not have had access to. The system can also be utilized by lenders as a stand alone loan acquisition program and as an internal automated decisioning platform. For more details on the Lendsys System click the following link to connect to the Lendsys website or download the following PDF documents for more details on the benefits to lenders.

Any Dealer or Retailer will benefit from effective aggregator lender  financing program!

All Automobile, RV, Motorcycle dealers or any Point of Sale Retailer that require financing for their core product sales, can use Lendgistics through its relationships with Lendsys, LLC and CU Lending Edge, a proprietary lender  (credit unions, finance companies, banks, etc.) program, and will have a multiple finance sources in an aggregated lender program.
Every loan submission is automatically shopped to each lender in the system until we find an approval. So we become your one stop finance source for all loan submissions.
Lendgistics provides dealers:

  • RouteOne and DealerTrack integration for instant loan submissions from your DMS

  • Instant access to multiple lenders, from credit unions to finance companies, to some of the largest banks and private lenders in the industry, all under one roof

  • Instant online responses and approvals

  • Just one rate-sheet and set of underwriting guidelines for all lenders on the system

  • One consistent back office for processing and funding

  • One dealer rep, representing all lenders in the system

  • Quick electronic funding of all deals

 Dealers looking for new finance sources should consider joining the Lendgistics program so that they can spend less time shopping lenders and deals and more time selling and funding. It's that simple!

Go to our other web-sites for more details on Lendgistics and the related CU Lending Edge and Lendsys Software Systems: