Lendgistics, LLC is a national aggregator of and a collaboration between lenders (finance sources) and dealers (of any retail goods and services that require financing through our unique and robust, point-of-sale platform), currently utilizing this automated instant decisioning system for automobile and other secured lending products.

First- We are the exclusive marketing agent for LENDSYS, LLC Software Solutions, the lending marketplace's newest and most innovative automated loan decisioning engine. The 24/7 automated loan decisioning software has RouteOne and DealerTrack integration built in and allows each lender in the system to custom design and build their individual and unique decisioning criteria into every decision.

Second - We act as a national sales and marketing arm acquiring and aggregating lenders and dealers in specific markets. In this capacity we are creating collaborative relationships that provide multiple lending sources for dealers to get loans approved and funded, and we are providing lenders with more loans from the dealers in their geographic areas. In addition, as a marketing and sales organization we provide both our lender and dealer client base several additional ancillary services that, through the power of aggregation and collaboration, save time and money. Examples range from providing loan default protection in an automated and secure environment to protect both lenders and dealers from loan default risk, to guaranteed vehicle titling service for lenders to minimize the risk of funding automobile related loans with non-perfected titles.

Third -  Utilizing the software platform developed by Lendsys, LLC, Lendgistics provides state-of-the-art back-office loan packaging and processing services for lenders and dealers on the system in order to fund a greater percentage of loans. While we don't act as a servicer of loans, we provide complete loan package validation and verification as well as complete the funding process through Lenders ACH and other automated systems.

Who We Are

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What We Do: Create Win-Wins For Lenders and Dealers

Bringing Lenders and Dealers Together
In short, we are a lending aggregator. We are an intermediary that brings multiple lenders to each dealer and multiple dealers to each lender in our system. Our automated and aggregated services allow each dealer and lender to get more loans approved and funded.  As the intermediary service provider for the lenders and dealers, we eliminate redundancy, save precious resources, and effectively become a trusted partner with every entity we serve.

We connect lenders with dealers through a robust and highly advanced automated lending platform to get loans funded effectively and efficiently! Lendgistics acts in three major capacities for our partners and clients in the marketplace.

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"We've tried other providers in the past , but with Lendgistics, we truly continue to have the best experience in capturing consistent quality loans, efficiently and effectively  for our organization  in the In-Direct Auto and RV market place - glad we found them! "

                                        ...CEO, Texas